• Jessica in South Plympton
    "We have recommended Little Poppins to lots of people! We’ve found the service, and particular the personal support from yourself to be exceptional. It’s one of the hardest things to leave your child with someone else, and is also a big financial commitment (for us anyway!) and we have not once regretted it."
    Jessica in South Plympton
  • Danielle in Fulham

    “Tracy is a fantastic educator, she really goes above and beyond. We are blessed to have her experience and her help.”

    Danielle in Fulham
  • Emma in Clapham
    "I wanted to write to you to comment on how fantastic Marielle was on Saturday evening. Marielle was so patient and fun with the children - immediately getting into games and supporting them through their separation anxiety. She was clearly genuinely interested in their welfare, and she immediately set me (as an anxious parent) at ease. The children adored her - they didn’t want her to leave. They have not stopped talking about her and getting her back! I commend her for her ability to perfectly balance tolerance, fun and make routine fun. Thank you!"
    Emma in Clapham
  • Laura in Unley

    “She cares for our kids like they are her own and is amazing with both of them, extremely patient, caring and fun. She has a particularly special bond with our youngest daughter which warms my heart. It makes leaving them every day so much easier to know that they both genuinely look forward to Kaila walking in the door (as do I). We love how she makes our hello fresh dinners, folds/does our washing, tidies the house, picks up groceries, does ELC drop off/pick up and the girls activities during the week (she does everything & mostly without us having to ask, she has great initiative and work ethic). I really appreciate the photos and texts she sends during the day to let me know what they are up to and that the girls are happy. I never feel as if I need to ask her to do anything differently, she has fitted in so well."

    Laura in Unley
  • Emma in O'Halloran Hill
    "I LOVE Amy, we love Amy! And (my son) adores her. She keeps me up to date through the day with pictures and messages, always looking for new things to entertain him! Our son is always happy and content when I get home and any little jobs I ask Amy to do she always has done plus some. So happy to have met her, THANK YOU!"
    Emma in O'Halloran Hill
  • Rachel in Belair
    "Chloe has been amazing! She is punctual, hard working, cheerful and mature. She can see what needs to be done with no direction and is able to cheerfully do these things while having 3 children talking to her all at once! She plays games with the children, cooks dinner and other snacks, and always leaves the house neat and tidy at the end of her shift. She manages the temperaments of the children incredibly well and is able to defuse any arguments that come up."
    Rachel in Belair
  • Amelia in Prospect
    "(Helen) has been an absolute angel in our very busy lives. I always look forward to Tuesday's as I know that I can go to work and I do not have to worry about anything. I have complete trust that Helen is taking such good care of my baby and that she is filling his day with beautiful engagement and stimulating activities. It is truly a bonus that the house and dinner is done on top of this. I never knew the difference it would make to my life coming home to dinner organised and a tidy house, it is probably the only night of the week I actually get to sit and relax once the children go to bed, which makes the rest of the week go more smoothly as well."
    Amelia in Prospect
  • Agata in Melbourne
    "Chloe has completely exceeded our expectations and provided us with total peace of mind during our time away from our girls. They looked forward to seeing her during the multiple bookings and were sad when I said it was her last day caring for them.   Chloe was confident and energetic and wonderful with the girls. Few minutes in she had them giggling and playing games, resulting in them not even noticing or caring that we were leaving.   Chloe took all instructions and suggestions on board and everything was done perfectly - including the big task of dinner time and bedtime!! She even cleaned up the kitchen and managed to do our laundry - much appreciated bonus!!   We would give Chloe the highest recommendation and hope we can book her to look after our girls again in the future. She is great!   Thank you for your reliable and safe service. We’ve often said we wish we could find a similar quality agency back in Melbourne."
    Agata in Melbourne
  • Alana in St Peters
    "Just a quick note to say “thank you” once again for outstanding service from Little Poppins.   Not only was it simple and straight forward to book a sitter 24hrs prior, Stef was on time, professional and most importantly, warm, caring and fun for [our daughter] to spend a few hours with. She was even fantastic with the dogs!   We are so grateful to know we can call on you when needed and trust in the fact that someone with the relevant clearances, qualifications and “baby whispering” skills will arrive ready to help us with our beautiful bub."
    Alana in St Peters
  • Sarah in Clarence Park
    "Whilst we expected and hoped for a nanny to provide the level of expert care for our children that Lauren has proven herself capable of, we had not realised the extent of the positive impact her work ethic, initiative and willingness to do the many often unseen things in our family would have - cleaning out cupboards in kitchen, organising children’s wardrobes, attending to bed making, maintenance of pram has had on our family and of course emptying the dishwasher each day, working through the never ending piles of laundry and preparing family meals.   Lauren is an integral part of our family and keeps us moving forward from day to day. It is hard to remember life before Lauren ."
    Sarah in Clarence Park
  • Audrey in Norwood

    "It's hard to know where to begin with how great Fiona is. We definitely appreciate her punctuality, flexibility and reliability, which is just essential for both me and my husband in our line of work. We love coming home to find the house tidy and [our son] fed and happy. We also love that she cooks great meals for [our son] and also does dinner prep for my husband and I, and also manages to bake and make tasty treats! in addition to all that, she also takes [our son] to the library, out on walks and to the park and is planning to join kinder gym soon. I still haven't really scratched the surface on how wonderful she is. Before having a baby I don't think I appreciated how hard it would be to go to work and leave my child at home every day, and it is really hard, but it is made so much easier knowing that he is in Fiona's capable hands. Really, she is an absolute godsend."

    Audrey in Norwood
  • Rebecca in Ridgehaven
    "I can’t speak highly enough about Hannah. We really appreciate her flexibility to work around our changing schedules and her willingness to work back late sometimes for us. I also love coming home to a tidy house, dinner cooked and our washing folded and put away. Hannah has been a real blessing for our family. She’s wonderful with our girls and they absolutely adore her."
    Rebecca in Ridgehaven
  • Katelin in Paris Creek
    "Renae was brilliant, such a natural and effortless ability to connect with the girls from the moment she walked in the door. They loved their time with her. She was so friendly and chatty with us which is always reassuring as you are walking out the door and leaving your kids with a stranger. She even hung out laundry - though not asked. House was clean and tidy when we got home.... I can't fault her in any way."
    Katelin in Paris Creek
  • Nicole in Eden Hills
    "Phoebe is absolutely lovely and the kids really like her. Sounds like her and my daughter got along particularly well ... bonded over Harry Potter. I felt very comfortable leaving her with my 2 rascals.   Thank you for matching us up with the perfect baby sitter :)"
    Nicole in Eden Hills
  • Katrina in Malvern
    "Abbie was very switched on, organised, super friendly and competent. You have a professional worker in your midst so well done on your selection process."
    Katrina in Malvern
  • Lucy in Henley Beach
    "Thank you so much to you and your nannies/babysitters for providing [my daughter] with such great care over the last year. With no family nearby, it was certainly a huge help to us to be able to call on yourselves whenever we needed. We were really impressed with the company - and with everyone who looked after [my daughter]."
    Lucy in Henley Beach
  • Stacey in Ungarra
    "I just wanted to take the time to say a massive THANK YOU for the services of Little Poppins from beginning to end. The whole experience was professional and seamless, and we could not have been happier with our nanny Rachel for the night - she was absolutely lovely! The communication from you was extremely efficient, and made the whole process stress free, (especially as it was our first time having [our son] looked after by someone he didn’t know).   Thank you once again Holly, and we will not hesitate to use your services again as well as recommend your company to others in need of the same service."
    Stacey in Ungarra
  • Linda in Somerton Park
    "Lauren has been an amazing addition to our family.  Not only does our son absolutely adore her, she is also autonomous, punctual, professional, caring and fun.  Lauren comes through the door in the morning with a big smile on her face and is 100% focused on our son.  In addition to cooking lovely meals, she is not adverse to running an errand or two, which is of incredible help to the family."
    Linda in Somerton Park
  • Emma in Clapham
    "Kirrily has come into our family and the children have taken to her right away. I’ve never trusted anyone with our children before but she dealt with my trust issues easily and has looked after our little ones in a way that shows genuine concern, care and respect. She is calm, patient and fun. Thank you so much for matching her with us.   We hope to continue working with Kirrily into the future as she’s a special person to both the children and I."
    Emma in Clapham
  • Alison in Hyde Park
    "Leesa is nothing short of exceptional. I can’t live without her! There’s no feedback I can possibly offer for improvement. She stimulates and comforts at the right times, shares with me books and toys she has seen for babies her age and answers questions I have about [my daughter]’s development stage. Leesa is a great communicator, letting me know how [my daughter]’s day was."
    Alison in Hyde Park
  • Caroline in Seacliff
    "Just letting you know that we absolutely love Hannah… She loves the kids, they love her and she is happy to be flexible with all the changes in plans that we have thrown at her! My mother commented yesterday that the kids looked so well presented when she picked them up after Hannah had been looking after them and she has been able to convince [our daughter] to have her hair done better than any of us ever have!   As an added bonus, she has been magnificent around the house, getting the tidying done, always making sure the kitchen is beautifully presentable and the house is always neat after she has been. She has been wonderful to have in our family."
    Caroline in Seacliff
  • Mia in Burnside
    "We love having Rebecca in our home and more importantly [my daughter] loves her. I feel very comfortable leaving [my daughter] with Rebecca every week and trust that she is well cared for. Not only does Rebecca keep our lively little girl entertained, she also does lots of lovely and very helpful things around the house for me which I really appreciate. I often come home to a clean kitchen and [my daughter]’s clothes freshly washed. [My daughter] has started pushing me out the door when Rebecca arrives so she can have her all to herself!  She is very active and Rebecca keeps her entertained with lots of walks to the park, swimming and little adventures."
    Mia in Burnside
  • Tiffany in Fullarton
    "Thank you for finding someone on such late notice. Stephanie was amazing. [My son] had a great time with her. Being the first time I’d ever left him with someone she made me feel so comfortable and sent pictures all day which was amazing! I will definitely request her next time I need help. Thank you again, you really do offer a great service and I will be recommending Little Poppins!"
    Tiffany in Fullarton
  • Amanda in Wynn Vale
    "Many thanks Holly, it’s always very simple to book a nanny with you guys. Appreciate how easy you make going out to be."
    Amanda in Wynn Vale
  • Megan in Kensington Park
    "We couldn’t be happier with how Lauren has started with our family. She is just great with the kids: fun, energetic but also firm and organised. I’m delighted with how it’s helping my transition back to work. My husband thinks she’s a wonder after he came home and found a basket of washing dried and folded (laundry is now his job and he isn’t getting any help from me!!)….   We really appreciated the assistance we received during the placement process, advice about interviews etc. It all seemed very easy, other than having to choose between two great candidates. Good problem to have! …   I honestly couldn’t be more satisfied and have been raving about Lauren, and Little Poppins, to all my friends."
    Megan in Kensington Park
  • Lucy in Henley Beach
    "Rose was absolutely fantastic. …. I was quite apprehensive about leaving as [my daughter] obviously hadn't met Rose before but Rose was an absolute superstar - she was really confident about putting [my daughter] to sleep which put my mind at rest. She was extremely gentle, kind and friendly and [my daughter] clearly took to her straight away…  In addition to that - Rose also went over and above requirements by doing various bits of housework and cleaning whilst we were out which was completely unnecessary but hugely appreciated!! Rose is clearly a natural with children and we hope she'll be available again when we next book!"
    Lucy in Henley Beach
  • Teresa from Grange
    "Thank you for organising Tori to come mind our children, all went smoothly and Tori was a lovely sitter.   We feel so comfortable leaving our children with the girls that work for Little Poppins, it’s a credit to you for ensuring they are personable, kind and competent."
    Teresa from Grange
  • Susan in Adelaide
    "Suzanne is part of our family, loved by the kids, my dog, my husband and I. She is focused on giving educational and fun experiences to the children and I trust her absolutely with their care and nurturing. I cannot overemphasize how valuable Suzanne is to me. We love her for her - of course - and we have become friends, but knowing she will care for the kids in the same way I do, sharing my values and approach to all the 'important' things has allowed me to return to work a few days a week with minimal guilt and complete peace of mind that the kids are safe and in good hands."
    Susan in Adelaide
  • Michelle from America
    "Kiah was the quintessential professional. She was absolutely fantastic. [My daughter] had a wonderful time with her and wanted her to come back to America with us. She really is a lovely young woman who was creative with what she did with [my daughter] while looking after her and she was communicative and punctual and reliable.   Thank you so much. I really was apprehensive when we arrived and wasn’t sure whether [my daughter] would be okay with someone she didn’t know but it was the perfect pairing.   Thank you too for providing such a wonderful service.  I really appreciated your help and support over the last few weeks in setting this up."
    Michelle from America
  • Hayley in Parkside
    "Jo was great with the kids! It's a handful with two, especially when they're tired after a couple of days of childcare/kindy. But she was great with them and I got home to an immaculate house, with kids fed, bathed and in PJs - so I got to just sit down with them and have cuddles before bed. It was amazing, I could've cried!!"
    Hayley in Parkside
  • Lucy in Henley Beach
    "We have used Little Poppins a number of times now and have been so impressed with your service. The communication has been brilliant and all the people you have sent to babysit have been great and eased any concern with leaving [my daughter] with someone we don't know. Thank you!"
    Lucy in Henley Beach
  • Samantha in Melbourne
    I just wanted to thank you for organising Steph to look after our girls over the weekend. She was absolutely delightful and our 3yo loved her. She certainly had her work cut out for her with our little people but she instilled a lot of confidence in us with her warmth and confidence.
    Samantha in Melbourne
  • Hayley in Clapham
    Just wanted to report back that we loved Kaila and the girls loved having her looking after them. I think the attached photo of some painting says it all! So thank you for your excellent service.
    Hayley in Clapham
  • Madeleine in Maylands
    Other than being absolutely exceptional with [our children], Viv does so much extra around the house (washing / tidying / shopping) and she is a critical factor in making our household run as smoothly as possible. So no comments to add there, other than extreme gratitude and noting that she absolutely puts me to shame with how much she can achieve during the day! We are just so grateful to have Viv in our lives. She is the perfect fit for us and we are the lucky ones in our relationship.
    Madeleine in Maylands
  • Katelin in Meadows
    As for Gabrielle, I know she is relatively new to Little Poppins but let me tell you - she was amazing! The girls absolutely adored her and were sad to see her go. They were blowing her kisses as she drove away on Tuesday. She brought her own childhood games and took the time to create and print out personalised colouring pages to bring with her. She filled the days with lots of activities and plenty of outside adventuring where she encouraged them to use their imaginations. She is one of our favourites to date.
    Katelin in Meadows
  • Sam in Bridgewater
    I have enjoyed dealing with Holly and Sophie. Both are very professional, easy to get in touch with and great at dealing with difficult situations… Fantastic!
    Sam in Bridgewater
  • Caroline in Seacliff
    She is able to switch seamlessly between helping out with housework and looking after the kids. She is both a role model for me and a friend, we are very lucky to have Karen.
    Caroline in Seacliff
  • Hayley in Parkside
    We had a wonderful experience with Carlie! She was just lovely, she sent beautiful photos of the children looking very happy, and I'd never come home to a cleaner house! Thank you for arranging such a lovely, kind and engaging babysitter to help me feel a little less "mum guilt" for attending a work meeting on my day off! I'll definitely be using Little Poppins again.
    Hayley in Parkside
  • Jade in Victoria
    Thanks again to Maddy for Friday night. Everything went really smoothly. We have been really impressed with the level of service that Little Poppins have provided since the first communications. The kids were excited to meet Maddy and she played games, watched a bit of TV, read to them and easily got them to bed in beds that weren’t their own as we had only just arrived in town that morning. She was accommodating when our return time was a little later than first thought and everything was left neat and tidy. The kids thought she was fantastic, and the next day when we caught up with other friends who attended the wedding and had utilised Little Poppins services there was much discussion/comparison/one-upmanship between the kids about their baby-sitters and also complete agreement from all the adults of what a great service you provide. It really made our experience more enjoyable and relaxing. We would definitely give you a call if we were in the Adelaide region again and needing childcare!
    Jade in Victoria
  • Stuart in Millswood
    “Holly provides an outstanding childminding service, delivering a professional and reliable service even at short notice. Our kids love spending time with her team that removes the stress of going out during the evening. Thoroughly recommended.”
    Stuart in Millswood
  • Taruna in Unley
    “We are so pleased to have found Sam and consider ourselves extremely lucky to have her in [our son]’s life.”
    Taruna in Unley
  • Alison in Melrose Park
    “Alice was fantastic!! We were so impressed with her, right away [our daughter] felt so comfortable with her and pretty much waved me away to play with Alice (which was amazing and not always the case with people she first meets). As an unexpected and incredible surprise, Alice also sorted out/ironed the laundry for us - which as I’m sure you can appreciate as a working mum- was such a happy and freeing thing have happen! Both my husband and I had huge smiles on our faces from how happy [our daughter] was and how clean the laundry was! As a further credit to Alice, [our daughter] was so excited to know she was coming back the next week! I could see the activities they had done and also the care and kindness Alice had shown…. Thank you, as always for sharing very special and caring people to look after [our daughter], we can’t speak highly enough of Alice and of Little Poppins.”
    Alison in Melrose Park
  • Sallie in Unley
    “Emmeline has been great with [my children]. She is fun, active and engaging with both children and they enjoy having her pick them up. I would highly recommend her.”
    Sallie in Unley
  • Benita in Highgate
    “Emily was just amazing for us - the kids adored her and Andrew and I would routinely spend about half an hour every Wednesday night discussing how great it was coming home from work when Emily had picked up the kids. I could rave for pages about her.”
    Benita in Highgate
  • Felicia in Novar Gardens
    “Nicole was absolutely fabulous. She arrived early - at 6:40 pm - and we went through everything thoroughly. She texted me later in the night to let me know how the children were going which was very thoughtful.  The next morning the children were very happy and seemed very settled. Thanks again and we will definitely be using your service again.”
    Felicia in Novar Gardens
  • Sophie in St Peters
    “I was fairly nervous about taking on a nanny and kept putting it off. But over time childcare became more impractical for us and we started to look at other options. As soon as I met Holly all of my fears were allayed and I wanted her to find us a nanny straight away! She listened carefully to what we were looking for in a nanny and provided some fantastic advice on how to make the relationship work. Having a nanny has changed my world. I am able to leave the house regardless of where the kids are up to in their morning routine and they are always so excited about the next adventure. It is also lovely to have someone who understands your childrens' idiosyncrasies so perfectly and can offer a different perspective on how to solve problems. My only regret... I should have done it sooner!”
    Sophie in St Peters
  • Kate in Bellevue Heights
    “Stacey was absolutely fantastic. I can’t fault her and the boys loved her. She went above and beyond what was expected. She bathed my one year old after getting dirty outside, re-dressed them both after getting dirty AND emptied the dishwasher. My all-time most hated job. I would have paid her double for that!!! I would recommend her to anyone and I hope we have the pleasure of her looking after our boys again.”
    Kate in Bellevue Heights
  • Katrina in Malvern
    “Therese is an exceptionally skilled and capable nanny. Our children love her and we like the way she goes about her job by anticipating what needs to be done and doing it using initiative.”
    Katrina in Malvern
  • Madeline in St Peters
    “Everything went really well last Tuesday. Kate was highly competent with little direction and just lovely. My boys had a great time with her. I would love to use her again in the future!”
    Madeline in St Peters
  • Anna in Thebarton
    “Emily was a great help to our family today. Professional, proactive and very friendly. And she left my kitchen spotless.”
    Anna in Thebarton
  • Laura in Kensington
    “Your babysitters are amazing! Dishes done and put away - amazing! She is a fairy godmother nanny . I just walked in to sort laundry out and it has been done too - seriously it sounds silly but this has made my day!”
    Laura in Kensington
  • Simone in Brighton
    “I have been meaning to provide some feedback about one of your staff, Reina. She only cared for my 1 year old for two days but after meeting her the first time, I so wished she was available to be our permanent nanny. She really is such a caring and beautiful nanny who really loves and takes an interest in the children that she looks after. This was highlighted during her second visit when she brought along a truck she had borrowed from the toy library as she learnt, from her time with my son, that he loved trucks as well as making him a sticking board and bringing little sparkly items for him to stick onto it. He still loves it....She really is an asset to your business.”
    Simone in Brighton
  • Amy in St Peters
    “It is very reassuring to have the nannies pre-selected/ screened prior to interviewing them. Having direct contact with Holly throughout the nanny 'selection process' was great and really put my mind at ease.”
    Amy in St Peters
  • Cara in North Adelaide
    “I did want to convey how happy we were with Camilla. My goodness, I couldn't believe how quickly our little one warmed to her. He just melted into smiles upon first meeting Camilla, with that kind of reaction we felt confident and happy to leave him with her even though it was our first time leaving him with a person other than my mum. Both my husband and myself were very impressed.”
    Cara in North Adelaide
  • Penny in Crafers
    “We are so incredibly happy with Gillian. She is fantastic. We feel [our son] is safe and nurtured and extended in her care. We feel so lucky to have her and thank you for facilitating this.”
    Penny in Crafers
  • Bernadette in West Lakes
    “I would have Leesa nanny for our twins forever if I could; she is absolutely amazing. I cannot fault her, she genuinely adored [my children] it was not just a job to her. She is kind, loving, caring and nurturing and I trusted her 200%. Leesa was very patient and very capable of looking after two babies at once and could quickly calm them when they were upset or being clingy with me. She would sing to them, read to them, play little games with them and I loved that she didn’t believe in having the TV on. She would always incorporate development things into her day with them so they were always learning. After eating she would even teach them left and right as she wiped their hands. They now know which hand to put out when we say ‘left hand, right hand’. Leesa spent a lot of time outside with the babies, which is important to me and took them for walks in the pram and had little picnics with them at the park… Leesa was professional and her work ethic is amazing, she just didn’t stop. When the babies were happily playing or sleeping she would do washing, folding, tidying the kitchen, dishes, prepare bottles, baby food and our dinners. She would even bake biscuits and cakes for us all. Gosh did I look forward to the days Leesa was coming! We will truly miss Leesa being around.…. Thank you Holly for sending us Leesa.”
    Bernadette in West Lakes
  • Sarah in The Adelaide Hills
    “Once again you sent a really lovely and reliable sitter. They sounded like they had lots and lots of fun. Picnics, walks, playing with the balls, in the playroom and the highlight for [my little girl] was the mini dance party…. I really appreciated returning to the kids being bathed and fed and ready for bed. As I was unsure what time I would get back I did not ask Molly to do that, so it was so wonderful to come home to.”
    Sarah in The Adelaide Hills
  • Kate in Beaumont
    “The time and effort that you put into matching each nanny's skills and personalities to the family is wonderful. The nannies put forward for our position were both perfect for our role. We really appreciated that you didn't put forward any nannies that weren't appropriate.”
    Kate in Beaumont
  • Julie in Walkerville
    “We had never left our children with anyone (apart from family) before and were very apprehensive about using an ‘agency’. After speaking with Holly, our mind was at ease knowing that she knows each of her nannies personally. The children instantly warmed to Kate (the nanny) when she arrived and they literally pushed us out the door, begging us to go! We have used Little Poppins on many occasions and highly recommend the wonderful service to all our friends.”
    Julie in Walkerville
  • Scott in Seacliff
    “Karen has been an absolute dream. Our little girl loves her and she has made us feel completely at ease ever since we first met her. It is wonderful having someone so caring and fun taking care of our daughter when we are not around and we love having the communication book to let us know what they have been up to. In addition to all of that, Karen even has our house tidier than before our daughter came along! So a big thank you from the three of us.”
    Scott in Seacliff
  • Erica in Royston Park
    “Our nanny is a treasure, we could not be happier with what she is doing around the house and the experiences she prepares for the children…. Thanks Holly for a great match!  I rave to everyone I can about how lucky/blessed I was to find you and for you to find Georgia!”
    Erica in Royston Park