Why Choose Us

  • Little Poppins works professionally (face to face) with families to ensure their child is perfectly matched to a compatible nanny with whom the child feels happy and safe.
  • Little Poppins believes trust and consistent open communication between parents and carers is non-negotiable and vital to ensuring a gratifying relationship between parents, children and nannies.
  • Little Poppins only employs quality carers (over 18 years) who have experience in a child-care related industry and who consider their appointment a career choice, rather than a casual job.
  • Little Poppins’ nannies are committed to supporting parents in monitoring and encouraging their child’s healthy progress at different ages and levels of physical, social and mental development. For example, John is 3, therefore it is time to start considering his word/letter recognition. They consider it important and in the child’s best interests to keep up to date with the latest trends in childcare, absorbing information and passing on the benefits to their families.
  • Little Poppins offers the advantage of one-on-one care in a child’s home, in familiar surroundings and established family routines. Beyond the obvious restrictions of a child-care centre, your child will enjoy learning opportunities through social interaction on outdoor excursions e.g. trips to the shops, walking the dog, playing in the park, safety in stopping at stoplights, social graces, appreciation of nature, etc.
  • Little Poppins’ nannies are advocates for fun, creative pursuits, physical safety, consistency in discipline and routine, healthy nutrition, punctuality and at all times, the child’s wellbeing.
  • Little Poppins nannies are respectful, flexible, perceptive and skilled in adapting and responding to different children’s needs, family ethics and conventions.


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